Stud Welding NZ Limited provides many quality services at a nation wide level.... no project too big or too small.  We supply and install all sizes of shear connectors and headed concrete anchors, on site or in your workshop.  We supply and install Hibond, Uni-floor and Svelte steel flooring from mezzanine floors, domestic houses levels, bridges, multi-storeyed buildings, right up to the sky tower decks.  We provide an "all up package" for the complete deck and stud works.


What Stud Welding NZ Ltd can do for you:


Stud welding and steel composite floor installations

Rebar installation

Stud Welding Machines

CD & Drawn Arc Machines

Generator Hire




We have everything to get the job done.

Stud Welding NZ Limited have the largest selection of quality shear connectors and headed concrete anchors in New Zealand with over 50 sizes to choose from on the shelf.   We import our studs from America. We also have a reasonable selection of threaded drawn arc studs, and the machines available for hire to install these products.

A wide range of insulation pins, speed clips, tap pads and domes are available, and the machines to install these products available for hire.  These products have predominently been used by boat/ship builders, safe constructors and signage creators, although have a wide variety of applications.


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Studs and Anchors

Studs and Anchors

Insulation Products

Insulation Products