Studs and Anchors

A very wide range of shear connectors and headed concrete anchors available.

Studs both supplied and installed. All studs have Mill and Weld-base certificates.

Stud installation carried out on site or in fabricators shop.

Wet weather stud welding. Installation to AS1554 Part 2 standard.

Quality workmanship is a priority. A triplicate quality control sheet is completed for every installation, including a client copy.

Shear Connectors and Headed Concrete Anchors

New Zealands widest range of sizes available.

Mill and Weld Certificates available upon request for your quality assurance.

Studs both supplied and installed.

All installation work carried out to AS/NZS 1554.2 standard

Triplicate quality control sheet completed for each stud installation, with Heat Number reference for collating with Weld Certificate.

Installation work carried out in steel fabricators shop or on construction site, either clean beam or thru-deck depending upon the type of flooring design.

Stud Welding machines produce a printout stating the weld perimeters for all studs installed.

Other Drawn Arc Studs

Multi sizes available in Stainless and Mild Steel to suit a wide variety of applications

Capacitor Discharge Studs (CD Studs)

Multi Sizes available in Copper flash Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminium and Brass.