Stud Welding Machines

State of the Art Stud Welders...

Stud Welding NZ Ltd takes pride in the fact that our stud welding machines are absolutely "State of the Art".  We currently own five Silicon machines, the first of which we bought in 1996 - introducing New Zealand with a very revolutionary and sophisticated type of stud welding process.  

Refer to Silicon for more info.  Check out the products, in particular the D36 machine and the video clip of the welding process in "Principle".

The advantages of the Silicon machines are:

  • Minimal Molten Metal emission; Minimising Operator Burn & Reducing Fire Risk
  • Two gun operation.
  • Wet decking can be studwelded.
  • Weld parameter amperage printouts for every weld.
  • Machines are computer controlled and programmed, minimising operator error.

Stud Welding New Zealand Ltd can provide a price for the purchase of a stud welding machine upon request.