Stud welding and steel composite floor installations

The company to do all your stud welding and steel composite floor installations!

Steel composite flooring installed, complete with studs, edging and endcaps in any sort of applicable design configuration.  We supply and install .75 and .95 Svelte or Hibond, both trapazoidal profiles and .75 and .95 Uni-floor, a flat soffit profile.  Other decking products may be supplied and installed if specifically requested.

Stud Welding NZ's truck and trailor unit minimises delivery time, enabling swifter job scheduling and reducing product transport costs.

Offering an "all up package" for the supply and installation of the deck and studs has several advantages;

  • Streamlines the installation, the project manager is dealing with one subcontractor for both the decking and stud welding works.
  • The condition of the beam top flange is known to the stud installer, after all it is the beam that the stud has to adhere to. 
  • The decking is installed to stud welding requirements, e.g. the decking is nailed down correctly and is flat to the beam.
  • The stud welding is carried out simultaneously to the deck being installed, thus reducing installation time.